RealTracs: Basic


  • JoAnn Henslee




Basic RealTracs - 2 Hours CE - 2 Hours in Length

  • Intro - Who or what is RealTracs and what role does an MLS play in the real estate big picture?
  • Rules and Regulations - Learn about important MLS rules and where to reference those in RealTracs.
  • Property Search - Learn how to perform effective searches and how to get more specific results utilizing the wild card and the exclusion options. Learn the different functionalities of navigation buttons such as check all listings, narrow listings, email listings, sorting results, and revising searches.
  • CMA - Create and e-mail a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA).
  • MLS Number Search - Learn how to perform a search and review results based on specific MLS numbers.
  • Cross Class Search - Learn how to find results for all seven property classes with one search.
  • Archive Search - Learn how to retrieve and report MLS historical property data from 1997 to present.
  • Roster - Search for offices, other MLS users and edit your own personal profile.
  • Personal Settings - Setting up personal defaults and Signature File.

Registration through RealTracs only.