Board Directors Nominee:


Charlie Peterson

Charlie is the Founder and Managing Broker of Tyler York Real Estate Brokers, and has been a member of WCAR for 5 years where he currently serves on the Education, Grievance, and Awards committees (Vice Chair); he also serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee with TN Realtors and the REACH technology council for the National Association of Realtors. He is a national speaker (INMAN, 2018), a published real estate writer, as well as a Trustee for the REALTOR Good Works Foundation, and RPAC Major Investor. He was the 2015 WCAR Rookie Of The Year.

Charlie is running for the Board of Directors because the industry is changing, some for good, and some for bad. Keeping a pulse on industry trends through his Thought Leadership, Charlie is more compelled than ever that it takes a human, someone who cares, someone with relevant skills and irreplaceable worth, a person aided by technology--not technology aided by a person-- to deliver the most value to the client. As a Director, he can help lead the Association forward to bring the most value to its members through education, mentorship, and collaboration, all working together for a culture that sees its REALTORS thrive together.

Charlie believes REALTORS should be grounded in a spirit of "out-doing one another in showing honor" (Romans 12:10) and rejoicing in each other's accomplishments, learning from each other's talents, and always modeling services after what is best for the consumer. He and his family worship at The Village Chapel (Nashville), and he serves in his neighborhood HOA. Charlie lives in Franklin with his wife, Tonya, and two sons: George, and Fitz.

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