Introduction to Investment Properties- 2020


  • Ronnie Lee Phillips

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Introduction To Investment Properties unmasks the dangers of “no money down” and exposes many media generated real estate myths.

In this highly instructive step-by-step investment class you will discover:

HOW TO comprehend the dynamic forces that influence real estate asset values and cyclical movements of real estate markets.

HOW TO apply key investment ratios that quickly determine the full financial potential of any residential income producing property.

HOW TO analyze, acquire, hold, or divest an investment property at the correct phase of the market cycle.

HOW TO apply the Absolute Laws of Leverage to position a property for positive leverage and maximum cash flow production.

Ronnie Lee Phillips, a master of land economics and real estate, outlines an optimal strategy for real estate investment. Phillips’ upbeat tone and penetrating insight provides the resources for reaching informed, intelligent, and ultimately profitable real estate investment decisions; regardless of the current phase of the real estate market cycle.

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TREC CE Credits: 8

Celebration of Excellence Involvement Credit = 2 Points