Success Starts with "C" Sept 2020


  • Randa Dawson

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Sometimes what drives us crazy in our business might not be unethical but still wrong.  The question is how to deal with it.  The "C' in the title is for Courtesy...or perhaps, Common Sense.  By exploring Pathways to Professionalism along with the Code, common sense and better business practices we learn cures for the 'crazies'.

TREC CE Credits: 4

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January 2020 will usher in WCAR’s move to a paperless education environment. There are two reasons WCAR joins hundreds of other associations in going paperless: It’s budget-friendly and regarding the environment, it’s just the right thing to do.

HOW A PAPERLESS CLASSROOM WORKS: Class handouts and designation manuals will be made available in your Course Reminder email (sent 2-3 days before class) in couple of ways: PDF attachments OR emailed to you as a secure Dropbox link (used for large documents). You are encouraged to bring your device to view the material digitally or feel free to bring a printed copy for yourself.

Celebration of Excellence Involvement Points= 2