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  • Dr. Golden
  • Dr. Snowden

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WCAR is passionate about educating our members on all aspect of Williamson County and strive to provide them with informative, quality information to pass along to their clients.


Please join WCAR at this informational meeting regarding the 2 school districts in Williamson County.

Speakers will include:

Williamson County Schools Superintendent: Dr. Golden

Franklin Special School District Superintendent: Dr. Snowden.

Topics will include:

-How school systems address population and corporate growth?

-How the dynamics of the school system has changed over the years as a result of a more transient community?

-What changes they see to the education system in the digital age?

-How we prepare our children for the new world?

-How we adapt to the digital age in schools but also don’t foster tech addicted children?

-How they meet the needs of at risk students?

-What they see as the number 1 concern and number 1 blessing for their district?

-How they recruit and maintain teachers, administrative and support staff and how the housing market affects that?


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No CE credits earned- strictly informational