A note from:

Bo Patten

Government Affairs Director

Williamson County Association of REALTORS®

Election Recap

As the dust continues to settle on the national political landscape after last Tuesday’s elections and we are still waiting for several key races yet to be called around the country, let’s turn our focus back home to Tennessee. Williamson County is shaping up to be the political epicenter for the next several years as WillCo native Bill Lee easily cruised to victory in the Governor’s race. WCAR was pleased to host both Bill Lee and Karl Dean at our office to visit with several of our members discussing issues important to our industry. Tennessee also made history on election night by soundly electing Marsha Blackburn to the U.S. Senate. She will be the first female ever to represent TN in the upper chamber of Congress. State Senator Mark Green of Clarksville was elected to replace Blackburn in the U.S. House of Representatives. WCAR was also pleased to host Mark Green earlier in the year for a meet and greet as well.

In the Tennessee General Assembly Republicans will maintain their super majorities in both chambers. In fact, aside from the amount of new faces that will be in legislature, a result of one of the largest turnovers since Reconstruction, the only other surprise was that the Democrats netted one seat in the State House. It was their first net gain in the legislature in well over a decade. Here locally in Williamson County, State Senator Jack Johnson, Rep. Glen Casada, and Rep. Sam Whitson were all easily reelected to their respective seats. Recently Sen. Johnson announced his intentions to run for Senate Majority Leader, the number 2 leadership position in the Senate, and Rep. Casada announced his plans to run for Speaker of the House. That position was held by Rep. Beth Harwell who lost her bid for Governor in the August primary. In the coming weeks, we will watch closely as those leadership races play out. There will be a new face from WillCo in the State House as Brandon Ogles was elected to replace Rep. Charles Sargent who did not seek reelection due to health reasons.

If you would like to see some maps on the breakdown of the election, please see the following (maps courtesy of Don Johnson):