The WCAR Education Committee knows how it feels to ask your broker a question and not understand the answer they provided you. That's why the Committee created the REALTOR® Academy. These classes are perfect for the new REALTOR® getting started or for those agents looking to re-start. All courses are TREC-approved and count for TREC elective hours. Complete the whole course load, and we will award you with the REALTOR® Academy certification exclusively available at WCAR.

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REALTOR® Academy Course Descriptions


21 Ways to Lose Your License = 3 hours

This course goes over 21 points of TREC Rule 62-13-312 in which an agent can lose their license due to their actions. Class attendees should be able to put into practice systems to help stay in compliance with the law as well as be able to provide better services to clients by implementing the use of these systems.

Agent Advertising = 3 hours

You have the perfect sign for that yard, or is it? TREC has rules about that. What about your website? Hear the best way to use social media and other avenues you can use to get your brand out that stays within the TN law.

Basics for Building a Better Business = 4 hours

Being a Real Estate agent means owning your own small business. Are you treating it as such? This class goes over where the income and business come from, budgets for planning and taxes, growth and professional standards for agents. When agents treat their business as a business and understand the principles of managing a company they are better able to review their profit and expenses. Agents will also be able to make a business plan for getting more business.

Home Inspections: What Every Agent Should Know = 3 hours

Think you know what a home inspection is? Learn the importance of both Buyers and Sellers, including identifying other various types of inspections. Find out about home inspectors, their qualifications, and their processes including the scope sequence of events before, during and after the inspection process leading to a successful resolution of issues and contingency removal.

Meet the Sellers = 2 hours

This is an overview course to help agents succeed in the process of getting and selling listings. We will start with the first call to inquire, discuss the listing appointment, marketing the house and getting it to the closing table.

Minding Your Own Business: Taxes, Budgeting & How to Plan = 2 hours

Every professional knows there is a cost to doing business. How you organize, prepare and plan can make the difference when it comes to taxes and budgeting. Learn some of the better and best practices that a bankruptcy attorney and former college professor, now REALTOR, can share.

Mortgage 101 = 2 hours

This class is intended to give licensees an overview of the mortgage programs being used today; covering types of loans and the loan process.

Pricing in a Shifting Market for REALTORS = 3 hours

As the market shifts, pricing a house can become more of a challenge. Everyone wants to be sure they are getting a good value or a reasonable price. Many things can play into coming to a good understanding of what price is “Just Right!” The class includes information appraisers wish we knew.

Setting the Stage for Buyer Success = 3 hours

This is an overview course to help agents succeed with buyers. Assisting buyers to is a process of learning what they need, supplying the information they need, and it isn’t always listed properties, and helping them on the journey of self-discovery that is house buying. It starts with the initial meeting and gets to the point of choosing the house.

Transaction Desk Basics = 3 hours

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to manage all elements of their transactions from a web-based application, create documents online as well as store them for future usage and distribute materials to selected participants involved in the transaction. You will be able to integrate TAR forms to be used with all transactions to ensure reduced liability and much more.

Your Offer is Binding - Now What? = 2 hours

Your offer is accepted... before you start celebrating... think about what comes next. After the binding agreement date and before the closing table, there are many challenges and obstacles to go through to ensure that the transaction will indeed close. This course will discuss inspection process, removal of contingencies, and focusing on the timelines. The course will also include reviewing an addendum and the difference between an addendum and an amendment. Students will leave with a better understanding of contract fulfillment, inspections, contingencies, and negotiation.