The REALTORS® Good Works Foundation, a philanthropic arm of WCAR, is pleased to make available to all Williamson County, Tennessee public high school seniors, the opportunity to apply to receive a $5,000 scholarship to use towards their higher education. The completed application form should be returned to the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®, to my attention, no later than Friday, April 20th. In addition to your application, the following items must be included in your packet (your application will not be considered without all of the items requested):

1.High School transcript (a sealed copy from your high school must be in your packet, the seal cannot be broken). Immunization records are not needed.

2.A minimum of 2 letters of recommendation from individuals involved in your school, work or outside activities.

Once all packets have been received by the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® office, the 2018 Scholarship Committee members will meet to review all scholarship applications. At that time, candidates will be selected for personal interviews conducted by a minimum of 2 committee members. If selected as a candidate for an interview, you may be asked to provide proof of household income in the form of a FAFSA application and/or 2017 tax information. The interviews will be scheduled after school hours in late April or early May. Once the interview date & time is accepted by you, it cannot be rescheduled. If you cannot make your scheduled interview time you will forfeit your opportunity and the next candidate in line will be contacted. Once all interviews have taken place, the Committee will select the scholarship recipient. Recipients are selected based upon their academic achievements, extra-curricular involvement, personal character, and financial need.

This form is no longer available. It was closed for further submissions on 04/21/2018.

Scholarship Instructions: 


Scholarship Application: If submitting via email please email application to If Submitting vis mail, 1646 Westgate Circle, Suit 104, Brentwood, TN. 37027. All mailed application must be delivered to the  WCAR office no later than Friday, April 20th. 

PDF : 2018WCARScholarshipApplication.pdf

Word: 2018WCARScholarshipApplication.docx 

(Please note that all applications must be typed, completed in full, and submitted in PDF for.)