Livestream: GRI 404: Working More Effectively with Sellers


  • Susan Barnette

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This one-day course will equip students with the skills they need to serve sellers more productively and effectively in a more challenging environment: your listing/marketing presentation: researching, pricing, and marketing the seller’s property more successfully; communicating with them through the listing period; negotiating on their behalf; and getting them through the home inspection, repairs, and closing.

6 Hours TREC CE Credit

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The GRI EXPRESS option can be used to register for THE LAST THREE courses (404;405;406) ...for a savings of $55! Please register for the Class titled "GRI Express Bundle 2020".

Guidelines for Attending Livestream CE Classes 

· Students are responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity and reliable internet connection. We use the Zoom platform. For more information about Zoom, please check their website at Video, audio and internet access are all needed to access are all needed to successfully “attend” class. 

· Please note all courses are recorded. By registering for a Zoom format course, you agree to be recorded and agree to adhere to all class policies, as listed in this document. 

· Login/check-in for class begins 20 minutes before the stated class start time and ends once the class begins. Students must be logged in and their identification verified by the proctor BEFORE the state class start time. 

· Students must be visible on camera AT ALL TIMES to receive CE credit. 

· Students may not take phone calls during class to receive CE credit. Instructors will provide time for breaks and lunch (if applicable). During designated break/lunch time, attendees may take care of personal calls, emails, etc. NOTE: Attendees should NOT log out at any time during the class. 

· Students may not participate in computer-based work while attending class to receive CE credit. 

· Students may not “Step away” from the camera for any reason to receive CE credit. If an emergency arises, please use the “chat” feature to privately notify the proctor of your situation. 

· Your camera must remain stable and UNMOVED during the course broadcast. Excessive camera movement is distracting and may result in a student’s removal from the class at the instructor’s discretion. 

· No sharing a room with other students unless permission has been granted in writing by the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®. 

· Students receive course meeting information and materials 48 hours prior to the scheduled course. 

HOW A PAPERLESS CLASSROOM WORKS: Class handouts and designation manuals will be made available in your Course Reminder email (sent 2-3 days before class) in couple of ways: PDF attachments OR emailed to you as a secure Dropbox link (used for large documents). You are encouraged to bring your device to view the material digitally or feel free to bring a printed copy for yourself.

Celebration of Excellence Involvement Credit = 2 Points

For more information on the GRI Designation, click here.