REALTOR® Safety and Personal Protection


  • Dr. Pat Thurmond

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In the Realtor Safety and Personal Protection Course, we cover the Warrior Mindset for agents:

  • Pre-preparation strategies and the life-saving deployment of action versus reaction
  • Crime avoidance and situational awareness tactics and techniques
  • Practical knowledge and skills for winning the physical and legal battles
  • Defensive weapons, what they are and how to use them


About the instructor, Dr. Pat Thurmond:

  • I'm an Army combat veteran with a Ph.D. in Education and instructor certifications with the NRA, the State of Tennessee, and the Well-Armed Woman to name a few. 
  • I believe that battles are won or lost in seconds, and when we’re in a battle of ANY kind, then it's too late to prepare for it.
  • I also believe that today, more than ever before we must be prepared to protect ourselves against attackers.
  • Because of these beliefs, I specialize in instilling the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills needed to avoid confrontation and overtake unexpected attackers. I do this in three unique ways: I teach people how to put a safety plan in place before they need one. I teach them how to spot and avoid potential danger. And I teach them what to do before, during, and after an encounter.

Additionally, I believe in introducing the audience to security and personal protection devices such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and kubotans. Each of which could serve as a deterrent or an equalizer, if needed. My philosophy is simple; personal protection is our right and our responsibility. Therefore, my goal is to provide people with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to meet that responsibility.


TREC Credit Hours: (2)


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