#Trending Now March 2020


  • Rick Clouse

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Citizens Response to an Active Shooter (Killer) Situation

This audience interactive seminar is 1.5 hours in length, followed if necessary, by a question and answer session. The seminar is designed to be applicable in every environment.


Topics include:


  1. Defining Active Shooters
  2. Incident statistics
  3. Carry permit holder's responsibilities
  4. Overview of recent Active killer events and outcomes
  5. Active Killer profiles
  6. Individual indicators
  7. Personal Action Plan development (Brain Training) and why it is important
  8. What children should know
  9. Self-defensive concepts.  NOTE: This is not a hands on demonstration or practical application (none is required).
  10. Actions to take when police arrive
  11. Business owner’s responsibilities/ Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  12. Practical application of concepts

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NO CE credits offered for attending #TrendingNow- this is strictly informational 

Celebration of Excellence Involvement Credit = 1 Point